Our Stories Matter – More Than Ever

As the reality of the presidential election sinks in, we at Firelight have begun to think about the role of documentary filmmakers in our society today. Over the last year we saw Hollywood struggle to acknowledge its blind spot on diversity. We heard entire communities demonized on the campaign trail. We saw journalists offer a platform for hate speech to increase ratings. And we witnessed a new tenor in our communities – a feeling of fear, and emboldened anger.

These turbulent, polarized times call for a new story of America. A new narrative about who we are as a nation, and who makes up the fabric of this country. One that challenges the racism, xenophobia, and misogyny that were unleashed during this election.

In the absence of visionary leadership and strong journalism, the job of creating that new narrative falls to the storytellers. The courageous truth-tellers who document our past and present, to help us envision a new way forward.

Today we are even more committed to lifting up nuanced stories that go unheard, supporting the next generation of filmmakers who are telling those stories, and working with leaders of social justice movements to ensure these stories have an impact.

Together we are #ChangingTheStory – the story of our families, our communities and our country – as we race towards our #UnstoppableFuture.


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