Notes from the PBS Annual Meeting

Carol Bash, a Firelight Documentary Lab Alum, attended the PBS Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL May 16 – 18, below she provides a few key takeaways for independent documentary filmmakers.

A few alumni of the Firelight Media Documentary Lab had the opportunity to attend the PBS Annual Meeting and observe what happens to our films after they are completed and packaged for broadcast. We also met with PBS Officials and Series Producers to learn about their needs. Some takeaways:

  • NOVA, Frontline and American Masters are interested in obtaining short digital content for their websites and social media to attract younger audiences. This is an opportunity to work with these strands at the initial stages of creating this new format.
  • Local public television stations also present opportunities for independents. For example, SCETV programs Reel South, a documentary series about the south. Producers from any region are welcome to collaborate. More information here:

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