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Updates from the Producers' Lab

The Producers’ Lab has been busy! The Producers' Lab is Firelight Media's mentorship program for talented and diverse producers. Last week's FilmFeast for Firelight Labsters featured editors and producers discussing the most effective ways to work with an editor to save time and money. Participants raved about the session afterwards, calling it "productive", "insightful", "encouraging", and "super helpful". Over the past few months, Labsters Byron Hurt (Soul Food Junkies), Jason DaSilva (When I Walk) and Shukree Tilghman (More Than A Month) showed rough cuts of their films for feedback as part of the Tuesday night FilmFeast. They all reported finding the feedback extremely useful. Also, Firelight Media is collaborating with POV to present a one-day seminar on Career Development and Transitions early next year. This session will be geared toward POV and Firelight Media filmmakers. See below for individual updates from some of the Lab participants.
  • Keoni Alvarez (Hawaiian Burial Grounds) is happy to announce that he has been accepted to the CPB/PBS Producers Academy at WHBH, Boston starting in October.
  • Carol Bash (Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings The Band) received funding from ITVS for her film earlier this year and is now in post-production.
  • Mike Brown (25 to Life) has hired a new editor for his film.
  • Lisa Collins (Oscar's Comeback), Jason DaSilva (When I Walk), and Christine Turner (Homegoings) were invited to participate in IFP's “Spotlight on Documentaries” section of Independent Film Week. Lisa was also selected to be an IFP Documentary Lab Fellow for Oscar's Comeback in their year-long program.
  • Laurens Grant (Rokia) received a Primetime Emmy Award last month for her role as Producer for the documentary Freedom Riders.
  • Elinysia Moisha (The Anatomy of Poverty) received a grant from an anonymous donor to assist with editing her film. She is currently editing in London.
  • Jenni Monet (Losing Ground) participated in the NALIP Conference and began studies at the Columbia School of Journalism.
  • Melissa Montero (Isabel Rosado: Nationalist) has been working with mentor, Marco Williams, on her film. Melissa will be returning to Puerto Rico in October to do additional shooting and to host a fundraiser to raise support and increase visibility for the film.
  • Risa Morimoto (Code Red) raised an additional $15,000 for her project, which she is currently editing. She has also been accepted to the CPB/PBS Producers Academy.
  • Pete Nicks (The Waiting Room) is close to picture lock with his film. The Waiting Room is working on its broadcast commitment and has received additional funding from the California Council for the Humanities for its transmedia component.
  • Yoruba Richen (The New Black) recently received funding from ITVS, Chicken and Egg, and The Robert Giard Foundation. She has opened up shop, is in production, and continues to fundraise for completion and community engagement.
  • Lisa Schwartz (Outside The Box) has been working with her editor, as well as assigned mentor, Marco Williams, to help develop her narrative structure. She is also raising completion funding.
  • Shukree Tilghman (More Than A Month) received funding toward completion from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Shukree is entering the final stretch and is working on fundraising for community engagement.
  Graduate's Corner Sharese Bailey, an active graduate of the Producers’ Lab, informs us that her film Off and Running received an Emmy nomination in the 32nd Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards competition in the category “Outstanding Informational Programming - Long Form”. She attended the ceremony last month in New York City at Lincoln Center. Over the summer, Sharese was selected to mentor Angel Gatus, Director and Producer of Musical Warrior, through the Adobe Project VoiceScope. CONGRATS to all the members of the Producers' Lab for their accomplishments and hard work! For more information about the Producers' Lab, go to: http://firelightmedia.tv/producers-lab/. To read about the individual producers and their projects, click here.
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