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Producers' Lab Makes a Splash at IFP

Three Producers' Lab participants had their projects chosen for the IFP's 2011 Project Forum. Congrats to Lisa Collins (Oscar's Comeback), Jason DaSilva (When I Walk), and Christine Turner (Homegoings)!

Photo: Lisa Collins, Christine Turner, Jason DaSilva (starting from the left)

About the FILMS:

Oscar’s Comeback directed by Lisa Collins, co-directed by Mark Schwartzburt, produced by Lisa Collins and Mark Schwartzburt, and executive produced by Lisa Cortés and Stephen Winter.
An all-white town. Its black native son. Worlds collide. Witness the melodrama and hijinks fueling the annual Oscar Micheaux Film Festival in Gregory, South Dakota. This film was chosen as a Documentary Selection in the Independent Filmmaker Lab. To learn more, go to Lisa's profile or the film website.

Homegoings, directed and produced by Christine Turner
Homegoings explores the African-American funeral home, a 150-year-old institution that is now vanishing, through the eyes of a renowned Harlem undertaker. Homegoings was chosen for the Spotlight on Documentaries at IFP. To learn more, go to Christine's profile and her film website.

When I Walk , written and directed by Jason DaSilva, produced by Jason DaSilva and Leigh DaSilva, and executive produced by Stanley Nelson.
When I Walk looks into DaSilva's life with multiple sclerosis – his loss of mobility, his emotional journey, and his pursuit of a new identity. When I Walk was chosen for the Spotlight on Documentaries at IFP. To learn more, check out Jason's profile and his website.

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