June 21, 2012 Posted by admin in New News Category Name, Producers' Lab

New Promo Reel for the Producers' Lab

Do you want to learn more about the Producers' Lab? Check out our exciting new promo reel! This brief video includes interviews with Lab members, footage from Producers' Lab events, a special interview with Emmy Award-winning editor Lewis Erskine, and short clips from several Lab participants' films.

Firelight Media’s Producers’ Lab is a mentorship program for talented, independent and diverse filmmakers. Participating producers work with award-winning filmmaker, Stanley Nelson, and his team of senior producers, writers, editors, new media, outreach, and fundraising specialists to complete their projects for a national broadcast. The Lab also provides monthly workshops and seminars to our producers on relevant and contemporary topics.

Mable Haddock spearheads this exciting project as Director. Haddock served as founding President and CEO of the National Black Program Consortium (NBPC) for 25 years.
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