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The Waiting Room

November 12, 20122 years ago

Pete Nicks' The Waiting Room, Shortlisted for the Oscars

Pete Nicks’ The Waiting Room has been shortlisted for the Oscars!

Here is what Pete said in an interview with Variety:

"I can't tell you how many times we walked up to people and told them what we were doing, and they'd say, 'My story doesn't matter -- why does anybody care about my story?' This recognition is really special to me; it's a validation that their story does matter." Pete Nicks has also been nominated for the following prestigious awards:

2012 Gotham IFP nominee for Best Documentary

2013 Independent Spirit Awards double nominee: Best Documentary & Stella Artois Truer Than Fiction Award

2013 Cinema Eye nominee: Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Feature Film

This film is currently in theatrical distribution in selected cities around the country and will broadcast on PBS’s Independent Lens in the 2013-2014 season. Please click here to see the current schedule.

The Waiting Room, which follows the life and times of patients and caregivers at Highland Hospital, a public hospital in Oakland, CA, was picked as New York Times and New York Magazine Critics Pick, won the Golden Gate and Audience Award at the San Francisco Film Festival, a Silver Docs and True or False official selection, and won the Guggenheim Emerging Artists Award at Full Frame.

A huge congratulations to Pete from Firelight Family!
June 20, 20122 years ago

UPDATE on "The Waiting Room" by Pete Nicks

Pete Nicks’ new film, THE WAITING ROOM has been screening and winning awards across the country. THE WAITING ROOM is an intimate look at our country’s health care system told through stories of ordinary people in an Oakland California emergency waiting room. Variety calls this verite documentary "rock-solid" and argues that it "provides ample evidence why our national health-care system needs fixing."

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March 19, 20122 years ago

Interview with Filmmaker Peter Nicks on "THE WAITING ROOM"

Check out our interview below with Peter Nicks, Director/Producer for The Waiting Room, an innovative blend of documentary film and social media that follows the life and times of an American public hospital amidst the greatest change to our health care system in decades. Peter is a participant in Firelight Media's Producers' Lab, a mentorship program for for independent, talented, and diverse filmmakers.

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