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new york times

December 18, 20113 years ago

Freedom Riders Makes New York Times' Top Ten List for 2011

Click here to view today's New York Times article which includes Freedom Riders in critic Mike Hale's top 10 television picks for 2011. Hale wrote: "This beautifully constructed 'American Experience' film revisited the 1961 Freedom Rides, telling stories of ugly violence and unbelievable courage."
May 16, 20113 years ago


The film Freedom Riders has garnered glowing reviews in newspapers, magazines and blogs across the country. See below for a few of these features.

New York Times
"[Freedom Riders] is a story of ennobled youth and noxious hatred, of decided courage and inexplicable brutality...It is hard to imagine a feature film conveying the events with a more vivid sense of drama or suspense."
Ginia Bellafante, New York Times. Click here to read the article.

"In 'Freedom Riders,' Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson uses masterful storytelling and gripping interviews with key players of the era to document what would eventually become one of the civil rights movement’s major victories."
Jamiliah King, Colorlines. Click here to read the article.

Bloomberg News
"With a thriller’s pace and the emotional heft of a battlefield journal, PBS’s remarkable new documentary 'Freedom Riders' recounts the bloody anti- segregation bus rides of 1961 that helped kill Jim Crow in the Deep South."
Greg Evans, Bloomberg News. Click here to read the article.

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May 15, 20113 years ago


Click here to check out the New York Times feature article on Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and Executive Director of Firelight Media, Stanley Nelson. Author Mike Hale calls him "An Explorer of Black History's Uncharted Terrain" and writes: "The breadth and seriousness of his work documenting black life in America, assembled with little fanfare and sometimes less money, place him in a select group of filmmakers..."

Nelson's most recent film, Freedom Riders, airs on PBS Monday, May 16th at 9 PM. Check local listings. Nelson's films can be purchased on this website. Click here to go to our shop and receive special discounts. Click here to donate to Nelson's work to support and mentor independent diverse producers in Firelight's flagship program The Producers' Lab.

Photo: Stanley Nelson
Photo credit: Chester Higgins jr./ New York Times