Learn More & Take Action: #BlackPanthersPBS

This past week The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution aired on PBS reaching over a million viewers via broadcast and in online conversations. Here’s a list of ways you can can learn more, take action and move the conversation forward.

  • Purchase a copy of @panthersdoc and donate it to a youth-serving organization, place of worship, hair salon, barbershop, etc. Purchase a copy here.
  • Host your own screening. Be sure to use this Discussion Guide for tips. Screening it for youth? Check out this lesson plan.
  • Learn more about Panthers still serving prison sentences by going to Jericho Movement, Free Mumia, or Herman’s House.
  • Want more Panther history? Follow #blackpanthersyllabus for books, films and other crowdsourced resources.
  • Contact your local PBS station, thank them for airing @PanthersDoc and tell them that you want more diverse, nuanced stories of our collective experience.
  • Support the 50th commemoration celebration of the Black Panther Party this Oct 21st-23rd in Oakland, CA. Follow the #BPP50 or visit their website.
  • Continue to share your thoughts and keep the conversation going at #BlackPanthersPBS

Responses (2)

  1. Adam Henig says:

    Great job on the film Mr. Nelson. I enjoyed it and learned a lot about the impact of the Black Panthers. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next from you and your team.

  2. Kaye Martin says:

    Please encourage those who have viewed the film to read Black vs. Empire by Bloom and Martin! It is an excellent, in depth analysis of the party.

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