Firelight Wins Prestigious MacArthur Foundation Award

Firelight Media is one of nine nonprofit organizations around the world to receive the 2015 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. The Award, which was announced on February 5, 2015, recognizes exceptional nonprofit organizations who have demonstrated creativity and impact, and invests in their long-term sustainability with sizable one-time grants.

On the award, MacArthur Vice President Elspeth Revere said, “Firelight Media supports the talents and careers of a diverse new generation of documentary filmmakers, many of whom have already gone on to address and draw attention to important social issues. MacArthur applauds Firelight Media’s creativity and effectiveness, and we hope this recognition and investment will help sustain its work and expand its impact.”

We could not be more humbled by this show of support for our past work and future potential. Click here to read more about the announcement.

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